the product


The Story

One fateful afternoon, Stanford Business Schooler Jake Miller came to me with a prototype of a dual-chamber brewing coffee maker and a request:

“Please, redesign this Tonka Truck looking thing.”

 The Duo, before its eventual coffee-steeping glory.

The Duo, before its eventual coffee-steeping glory.

To achieve the look and function of a classy-sleek coffee brewer that would appeal to the most epicurean of coffee connoisseurs, we prototyped... a lot. 

Finally, after hours-days-weeks of sketching-modeling-making (and a LOT of coffee to keep us going) we did it! We settled on a design that we were all excited about.

Angels sang upon the arrival of our fully-formed final product.


Our handle-less drip brewer combines the easy cleanup of a Chemex with the flavorful, full taste of French-pressed coffee. It holds 4 cups of coffee, which are meant to be shared between two… 

A duo!

Fortunately, others shared our excitement:


You can now buy a Duo at Fellow's flagship store in SF's mission district!


820 Valencia St.

San Francisco, CA, 94110